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One of the most powerful tools in marketing is direct mail. With direct mail your business has the ability to reach highly targeted potential customers and direct mail is one of the most consistently effective forms of advertising. Creating a direct mail campaign is a cost-effective way to maximize your advertising efforts.

Here's how you benefit from a direct mail campaign:

  • Direct mail is highly targeted. Each direct mail campaign can be tailored for your specific audience, from long-time customers to brand new prospects. 
  • Mail is tangible. Because direct mail is essentially delivered directly into customers and prospects hands, they are virtually guaranteed to see and read your message. Since customers can also physically touch a piece of mail, they are more likely to see its contents as reliable and trustworthy - unlike an unsolicited email that will most likely be deleted before it's opened.
  • Mail is familiar. The Postal Service is one of the oldest public-service institutions in most developed countries. While many customers may be skeptical about email messages or other novel marketing media, they remain more receptive to direct mail, to which they are accustomed.
  • Multiple formats make direct mailing versatile. The wide variety of formats and options, from postcards and brochures, to magazines and catalogs, makes direct mailing a suitable strategy for almost any application.
  • Results can be measured quite simply, without complicated analytics. To track the success of a direct mail campaign, simply count the number of inquiries made or number of coupons redeemed from a given mail piece.
  • Direct mail is cost effective. While the creation itself is affordable, actually mailing each campaign is also relatively economical. Mass mail rates are available for any form of direct mail campaign.
  • Direct mail supports other marketing efforts. Building a cohesive marketing campaign that includes both traditional approaches, like direct mail, and new technology, raises awareness and reaches customers and prospects who may prefer more established marketing venues.
  • Direct mail has a proven track record. Because this technique has been so widely used for a long time, much data exists to demonstrate its effectiveness. Direct mail campaigns offer reliable returns with negligible cost - it's like buying $100 bills for $50 apiece!

Despite the attention currently paid to the latest fads and other forms of marketing, direct mail still occupy's a well-deserved place in many major marketing campaigns. Don't believe it? Here's a fact: even "super company" GOOGLE uses direct mail on a regular basis to promote it's new services and find customers who don't use the internet!  The flexibility, affordability and lucrative returns of direct mail make it an excellent option for any business.

Roy Writes Creative Studio creates powerful, effective and highly targeted direct mail campaigns that blow the doors off traditional campaigns as well as "the latest fad" campaigns - no matter where your business is located. We offer direct marketing and direct mail advertising in the Chicago area - and throughout the entire USA. 

If you're looking for the latest marketing fad, we aren't for you and suggest you contact one of the thousands of "cookie cutter" agencies out there instead. 

On the other hand, if you're ready to grow your customer base and revenue quickly - contact us today - fasten your seat-belt and do everything you need - to get ready. You're about to be flooded with new business!  
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